The final session of the series will be an opportunity to review everything that was covered and discovered. Participants will take part in guided meditation, discussions, and the following activities: write and/or design a small poster for one or more self- care mantras developed during the workshops or design their own somatic storyboard during this session. After this exercise is complete, a group discussion will be held on the 'blessons' of this workshop and remaining questions. A follow-up mailer will be filled out and addressed by each participant, to ensure accountability to deliberate self-care.

Part 2: Radical Forgiveness & the Self-Love Revolution

This workshop is the first of three. It explores the practice of guided meditation and a greater understanding of the discipline of BodyMind Centering. Participants will take part in guided meditation, discussions, and activities to identify where they fit on the self-care and self-sabotage spectrum; and developing self-care skills. This session includes a journal to record thoughts and discoveries between sessions. Each participant will also receive a meditation pillow to keep. 

This workshop is the second of three. It covers the definitions and concepts of Radical Forgiveness and BodyMind Self-Love, as well as completing one Radical Self-Forgiveness worksheet. Participants will be able to articulate a greater understanding of how Radical Forgiveness and Self-Love impact body-mind conscious. Participants will be given the book Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tippin and encouraged to keep journaling self-awareness and bodily impact from the previous session.

Part 3: 'Blessons' 

"The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely." - C.G. Jung 

Part 1: Developing a Practice of BodyMind Centering

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